Hotline Miami

16bit chicken mask murder spree simulator Hotline Miami is best played in your underwear and a bloodstained Hawaiian shirt, half empty bottle of tequila and an overflowing ashtray at your elbow. It is, in the words of the developers, a top-down fuck-em-up. That description be entirely apt, yo. It was made by two guys, probably in a greasy motel room with Jefferson Airplane’s White Rabbit blaring out of a tape deck submerged in the bathtub. A dead mobster in the wardrobe, Hunter S Thompson crouched Read more [...]

Hey Baby

Hello. I noticed you from across the bar, sitting here alone. I don’t know what it is about you, the thousand-yard deathmatch stare perhaps, or maybe the trembling, calloused fingers on the hand you hold in a half-claw grip. I can’t say, but I believe we share an understanding, you and I. We like to play games. No, don’t deny it, it’s ok. You just walked in. You’re not looking for a fling, and you’re afraid of commitment. You don’t need another publication in your life, even for free. Read more [...]