Old school PC gaming on your phone

What is DOSBox?

DOSBox is a great little program that lets you run old MS-DOS games on pretty much any computer.  Primarily it is used to play old PC games on newer PCs but with the rise of powerful smartphones we can now look to play our old favourites on the move.

DOSBox can be a little daunting for those not familiar with the DOS environment but with a little patience you get access to a vast library of games.


Installing on Android?

For Android there is no download available on the main DOSBox website so we are forced to use third party apps on the Google Play store.  Personally I use DOSBox Turbo, which unfortunately costs a few quid but it is well worth it as it takes out a lot of the hassle of getting up and running.  While you’re on Play also grab DOSBox Manager (free) and this will make life even easier.

Tested games list:

GameRunsKeyboard required?Touchscreen Controls
DaggerfallYESBetter with3/5
Dungeon Master 2YESNO4/5
Lands of LoreNON/AN/A
Master of OrionYESBetter with4/5
Settlers 2NON/AN/A
Space HulkYESNO3/5
Star Trek 25th AnniversaryYESYES3/5

 More games to come!

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