Dirty Bomb Closed Beta: What you need to know.

DirtyBombThe last closed beta for Dirty bomb is less than 7 days away. If you have just received a key and you are looking forward to trying it, here is a quick guide to get you straight into the action.

Dirty Bomb is a class and objective based shooter. You can take three mercs into battle with you, each with unique loadouts and specific roles. Though all mercs can do everything to some degree, a medic for example can obviously heal better than an ammo dealer.

The shooting mechanics are slightly old school, enemies take significant amounts of damage before death and players are rewarded for actively seeking headshots, several of which are still needed to kill someone. When an enemy is killed they enter a downed state in which they can still be revived by their allies. You can end this down state by continuing to shoot them, or a single melee attack. The game actively rewards you for such behaviours.


As the rounds are class based, teams that have a fair mix of each class type and work together are more likely to successfully defend or attack an objective. This can be helped with the use of an in game command menu accessed via the V (default) key. Some useful ones to get you on your way

V 2 – 1 – I need a medic!

V 2 – 2 – I need ammo!

There are multiple routes to all objectives and it is important that you exploit these as an attacker. Quite often secondary objectives can provide players with a big advantage such as a shorter route. Controlling these secondary objectives can be just as important as protecting the main objective.

We have been playing Dirty Bomb for a while now and we have really enjoyed what we have experienced. There have been some genuine great moments that we have taken away from the beta. With more maps and more mercs ready for the final release we believe this game needs to be on everyone’s radar. Its free to play and you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.

If you want to find out more or signup then head over to the official website Here

You can follow Dirty Bomb on twitter @DirtyBomb

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