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Peeling off the cellophane wrapper the box opens with a reassuring click. Inside are several CD-ROM's and a manual that has yet to be touched. The box smells of newness, you know the smell, a one time kind of smell, so you breathe it in and savour the moment. You put the CD into the cup holder shaped drive and ease the drive back into position. The drive gives off a calming hum as it reads the disc. As the game installs you pour over every word in the manual, reading the health and safety guide twice Read more [...]

Hearthstone review

The world of online collectable card games is expanding, with a lot of new ones in various pipelines. One such game on the way to our computers is from our friends at Blizzard. Hearthstone is their soon to launch online CCG. It's been in beta for a while, now open beta, and it is a very well constructed version of the genre. For those with no idea what CCG is, basically you play 1v1 with a deck of cards you construct out of the ones you own. Each card is either a champion you play onto Read more [...]

Old school PC gaming on your phone

What is DOSBox? DOSBox is a great little program that lets you run old MS-DOS games on pretty much any computer.  Primarily it is used to play old PC games on newer PCs but with the rise of powerful smartphones we can now look to play our old favourites on the move. DOSBox can be a little daunting for those not familiar with the DOS environment but with a little patience you get access to a vast library of games. Installing on Android? For Android there is no download available on Read more [...]

Twitch: the colossus of video streaming

In the beginning there was the internet, full of wonder and promise. Originally nicknamed “The Information Super Highway”. Where would we be without? I cannot think of many things in my life now other than sleeping and eating that do not in some way involve the Internet such as it become engrained within the worlds core structure. The largest and most recognised video site in recent memory has of course been “YouTube” with its anything goes (within acceptable standards) attitude to Read more [...]

DayZ: Snippets of life in Chernarus

Phil fidgeted in his seat as their rusting light blue Lada grumbled along the road.  Flicking a dog-end out of the window into the night he rolled up the window and looked around at the rag tag crew he was now running with. Under the glow of a green chemlight in the back seat sat the two M’s - their most recent additions to the group.  Having recently discovered half a pack of cards tucked in the glove compartment they were trying to pass the time with a game of poker but as Read more [...]

Lost On The Loading Screen

There is a somewhat popular game played by a few people doing the rounds at the moment called League of Legends, you may of heard of it? Apparently 32 Million (active) players have! To put that in some kind of prospective, there are 204 countries and dependant territories (thanks Wikipedia) with a smaller population that the LoL player base. Wow! I could talk about many aspects of the game, the intricate teamwork involved to succeed, the complex balance of champion skills and item selection, Read more [...]

Play with Project Zomboid – It’s ugly but someones got to!

Project Zomboid So, I’m a sucker for anything related to Zombies. Who isn’t these days? I completed my weekly steam search to see once again Project Zomboid populate the results. I’ve seen it several times before and have always been tempted by it’s zombie survival/scavenge theme but it looks like it was made 20 years ago. The graphics are “Retro”(Like many others these days) and the game is laid out on an isometric grid. No offence to the artists but I personally don't appreciate Read more [...]

It is What you Mech of it

Titanfall is an upcoming FPS from Respawn Entertainment, the makers of Call of Duty due for release on March 14th in Europe. There has been a great deal of excitement and hype around the release and after playing the recent beta I am here to give my thoughts. The basic setup is two teams of six face off in various game modes, most of which we have seen in one iteration or another. Attrition is a team deathmatch mode that gives players points for kills, Hardpoint is a capture and hold and Last Read more [...]

Should FPS Games Look to their Past?

I spent most of my Friday night hungover, not from the effects of alcohol, but trying to find a game that could cure the itch the Titanfall Beta has given me. With three weeks left until launch I knew I didn't want to play the bug ridden (still) battlefield 4, with its poor netcode and over emphasis on vehicles.  A few games of League of Legends later and I knew my rage meter was full. It was getting late and nothing in my 165 games on steam (yes I have a problem) was reaching out to me. Then Read more [...]

Daddy’s Home

Open the door. You're hurting, I know. I let you down. I said I'd be here for you. That I wasn't like all the rest. And then I left. I'm not going to give you a load of bullshit about forgetting my login. I'm not going I'm not going to spin you a line about how using my douchebag webhost's user interface is like trying to program a soviet mainframe upside-down under water. That's all true, baby, but that shit doesn't matter. I'm just here to tell you, this time, it's going to be Read more [...]